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Open it, Grandmama!

MAMA (staring at it).
Now you all be quiet. It's just a check.

Open it . . .

MAMA (still staring at it)
Now don't act sill... We ain't never been no people to act silly 'bout no money-

RUTH (swiftly)
We ain't never had no money before - open it!

Travis! Is that the right number of zeros?

Gaalee Grandmama, you rich.

MAMA (She hold the check away from her, still looking at it. Slowly her face sobers into a mask of unhappiness.)
Ten thousand dollars. (she hands it to Ruth) Put it away somewhere, Ruth. (she does not look at Ruth; her eyes seem to be seeing something somewhere very far off.) Ten thousand dollars.

What's the matter with Grandmama - - don't she want to be rich?

You go on out and play now, baby. (Travis exits. Mama starts wiping dishes absently and humming intently to herself. Ruth turns to her.) You've gone got yourself upset.

MAMA (not looking at her)
I spec if it wasn't for you all... I would just put that money away or give it to the church.

What is the BEST explanation for Mama's lack of excitement when receiving the check?


Mama does not realize the significance of the sum of money.


Mama has no idea what to do with the money.


The check is a reminder of her husband's death.


Mama is worried that the money will bring problems.


Mama is not sure if this is the correct amount that she is owed.

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