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Let $G$ be a group and $G':=G^{(1)}:=[G,G]$ the commutator or derived subgroup of $G$.

Recall that $[G,G]$ is the subgroup of $G$ generated by the commutators $[g,h]=ghg^{-1}h^{-1}$, where $g,h\in G$.

We have $[G,G]\trianglelefteq G$ (that is, $[G,G]$ is a normal subgroup of $G$), and we define the abelianization $G^{{\rm ab}}$ of $G$ to be the quotient group $G^{{\rm ab}}=G/[G,G]$.

Recall that a group $H$ is abelian if and only if the commutator of any two elements equals the identity $e$ of $H$.

For the statement in each part of this question, answer True if it is always true, or False if it is sometimes false.​

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