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THIS QUESTION ASKS ABOUT THE PASSAGE AS A WHOLE: At this point, the writer wants to add a conclusion paragraph, in which the writer explains the outcome of her mother's medical treatment. What effect, if any, would adding this paragraph have on the impact of the essay as a whole? If adding a concluding paragraph would have no effect on the impact of the essay, choose answer Choice 'A' or No Effect.


No Effect


Most readers would be disappointed in an essay that did not contain a resolution. For this reason, it is not only appropriate, but necessary to give the reader the complete story.


The essay ends on a harsh note, leaving the reader suspended between the act of translation and the emotional fallout from it. The writer should leave the ending of the essay as it now stands.


In a story that is intended to be suspenseful, it is sometimes desirable to leave the ending ambiguous. This allows the reader to come to their own conclusions.

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