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The writer wants to add a sentence at point (6) in paragraph [2] that would provide information necessary to the logic and coherence of the paragraph.

Given that all of the sentences are true, which one would best accomplish the writer's goal?


"It is fascinating to note, as well, that the percentage differences in DNA between a male chimp and a male human is no larger than the differences between a male human and a female human."


"Measuring the substitutions in the base building blocks of those genes that chimps and humans share is only one method of calculation used to determine the differences between the two species."


"Besides our close genetic relationship to other primates, such as chimpanzees, we share an astonishing similarity of anatomy, behavior, and social characteristics."


"A huge number of these differences are insignificant, but the same researchers have identified several thousand that might be important clues to the evolution of the human species."

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