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Museum of Ice Cream in New York City

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Having partaken of this treat, visitors were then free to roam through the remaining five rooms of the museum’s 3,000 square foot space at their leisure. [A] In one room, visitors could consume delicate, edible sugar balloons inflated with helium. [B] In another, they were offered a glycoprotein pill that temporarily affected taste-buds, causing sour slices of lemon to taste as sweet as candy. [C] The museum also employed a so-called “food futurist,” Dr. Irwin Adam, to create a unique and innovative signature ice cream flavor [D] that guests were invited to enjoy before tromping back out into the oppressive August heat. (10)

The writer wants to divide this paragraph into two in order to separate details about the special rooms from details about the food futurist. The best place to begin the new paragraph would be at Point:









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