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Life On Prairie Farms, EV Smalley
The recurrent farm problems of the nineteenth century were usually described in political and economic terms, but there were also social difficulties imposed by the solitary nature of farm life. One attempt at a solution was the following proposal by journalist E. V. Smalley, who called for a complete reorganization of rural villages.

Smalley, E.V. "The Isolation of Life on Prairie Farms." The Atlantic Monthly. Vol. 63-88. N.p.: Atlantic Monthly Company, 1903. 378-81. Print.

Based on paragraph 4 (lines 22-26), the author would most likely agree with which of the following claims?


Disputes over land in the Northwestern pairies are leading to violence.


Many of those who claimed land in the Northwestern prairies are moving on to find success elsewhere.


The farmers of the Northwestern prairies need to adopt more appropriate farming practices.


It is difficult for livestock to survive the winters in the Northwestern prairies.

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