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History of Plymouth Plantation
Chapter 10: "How They Sought a Place of Habitation"
This account tells what the Puritans did after they landed in Massachusetts in 1620.

Bradford, William. "Chapter 10: How They Sought a Place of Habitation." History of Plymouth Plantation. 1650. Internet History Sourcebooks. Fordham University, July 1998. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

One of the main purposes of the second paragraph from line 15 to line 31 is to state that the


Puritans wanted to find out if more Indians were waiting to ambush them.


Puritans went through many actions to try and contact the Indians so they might learn from them.


Indians ran away as fast as possible to avoid the strange new people.


Indians made a trail that caused the Puritans to get lost in the woods.

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