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History of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
Chapter 10: "How They Sought a Place of Habitation"
This account tells what the Puritans did after they landed in Massachusetts in 1620.

Bradford, William. "Chapter 10: How They Sought a Place of Habitation." History of Plymouth Plantation. 1650. Internet History Sourcebooks. Fordham University, July 1998. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

Bradford uses the second paragraph of this passage, lines 15-31, mostly to


Illustrate the pleasure the Puritans have in drinking the fresh water of the New World in anticipation of the future pleasures of the New World.


Establish the challenges the Puritans face in the New World such as encountering Indians and getting lost as they search for a place to build their homes.


Describe in detail the five or six Indians that the Puritans encounter in order to create an atmosphere of suspense in the historical account.


Explain the view of the Indians in their first encounter with the Puritans while the Puritans begin their explorations of the New World.

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