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A Plan for Improving Female Education - Emma Hart Willard, 1819
This passage is an excerpt from Emma Willard’s speech to the New York State legislature, delivered in 1819 regarding a woman’s access to appropriate education.

Willard, Emma. "Benefits of Female Seminaries." 1918. A Plan for Improving Female Education. Second ed. Middlebury, Vermont: J.W. Copeland, 1819. 26-28. Print.

The purpose of lines 23-29 (His daughter...beginning to open) is most likely


to contrast a father’s hope for his daughter’s education with his realization of the education that she actually received.


meant to emphasize the importance of a woman’s role as mother.


an analogy that implies that all young women who work hard will eventually bloom and prosper.


to connect the idea of a flower to that of a young and hopeful girl.

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