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History of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
Chapter 10: "How They Sought a Place of Habitation"
This account tells what the Puritans did after they landed in Massachusetts in 1620.

Bradford, William. "Chapter 10: How They Sought a Place of Habitation." History of Plymouth Plantation. 1650. Internet History Sourcebooks. Fordham University, July 1998. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

What is the purpose of the last sentence in paragraph 3, lines 50-52?


To demonstrate that the Puritans have successfully found a good place to build homes.


To create a feeling of completion since the Puritan’s have finished their mission.


To show how much encouragement the few ears of corn give to the Puritans.


To prove that the Indians have made friends with the Puritans.

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