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A Plan for Improving Female Education, Emma Hart Willard, 1819
This passage is an excerpt from Emma Willard’s speech to the New York State legislature, delivered in 1819 regarding a woman’s access to appropriate education.

Willard, Emma. "Benefits of Female Seminaries." 1918. A Plan for Improving Female Education. Second ed. Middlebury, Vermont: J.W. Copeland, 1819. 26-28. Print.

All of the following statements are true of paragraph 5 (lines 42-53) EXCEPT:


Women applying to seminaries would have to meet certain qualifications.


Lower grades of female instruction will be forced to improve as a result of the creation of female seminaries.


Teachers at female seminaries would have the students’ best intellectual interests at heart.


Institutions of higher education will make women more appealing to men.

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