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What can be concluded from the chart?

Use the chart below to answer this question. The chart shows data collected over a 25 year period concerning the population of polar bears, ring seals, and walrus in the Baffin Bay Region.

Year Number of Polar Bears Number of Ring Seals Number of Walruses
1985 400 700 600
1990 425 650 520
1995 450 600 500
2000 400 700 600
2005 375 850 720
2010 385 825 700

The Polar Bear Debate


Ring seals prey on polar bears, so as their numbers increase the polar bears decrease.


Walruses prey on ring seals, so as they increase in number ring seals also increase.


Polar bears don’t interact with these animals, so there is no connection to be made with this data.


Polar bears prey on seals and walruses, so as their population increases, the ring seals and walruses will decrease.

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