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The length of the day changes from place to place and from season to season. The table below shows the times of sunrise and sunset on a certain day in August in certain cities of the world. Latitude is the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, usually expressed in degrees and minutes. The table also shows the latitudinal positions of these cities.

Table 2.1

City Sunrise time (in hours) Sunset time (in hours) Latitude
Tokyo 4:50 18:45 35$^\circ $ 41' N
New Delhi 5:53 18:55 28$^\circ $ 36' N
Johannesburg 6:45 17:40 26$^\circ $ 12' N
London 5:30 20:45 51$^\circ $ 30' N
New York 5:55 19:59 40$^\circ $ 42' N
Los Angeles 6:05 19:50 34$^\circ $ 3' N
Adelaide 6:45 17:55 34$^\circ $ 56' N

Figure 2.1

A place in a jungle of Indonesia was found to be exactly on the equator. The times of sunrise, sunset and the duration of the day were observed and tabulated for a year.

Which of these would be correct about this place?


Sunrise and sunset times change over the year but the duration of the day remains the same.


Time of Sunrise and sunset, and the length of the day change over the year.


The place is on 0˚ latitude and 0˚ longitude.


Sunrise and sunset times change over the year but the length of the day is twice the length of the night.

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