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The wildlife board also hears from a different scientist concerning the matter. Use this information, as well as information from the original passage and data chart, to answer this question.

Scientist: We draw blood samples from dead polar bears and then do genetic testing on the samples. We are seeing a disturbing trend as the genetic testing is showing the bears are becoming more closely related over time. This can be due to a number of factors, including the population number, the bear’s ability to find a mate, and the destruction of parts of the bear’s habitat. As human colonize more remote areas, it takes hunting areas away from the bears and does not allow them to easily find mates outside of their family groups, leading to inbreeding and population decline. This causes the bears to have offspring that are weak, unfit, and unable to adapt to a changing environment.

The Polar Bear Debate

This scientist’s testimony most closely aligns itself with which viewpoint?


The Inuit, who also believes the bear population is declining.


The biologist, who also is worrying about the declining bear population.


The Inuit, who is not concerned about bear population numbers.


The biologist, who believes a low number of bears will help the environment as a whole.

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