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The Lucy Fossil: Female or Male?

Still another Scientist wishes to weigh in on the debate. Her opinion is found below:

Scientist #5:
We have found the fossil of a newborn baby that died very early in its life. It has a strong resemblance to Lucy and is from the same time period. We have taken measurements of the skull and have noted that it is 22.5 cm wide. We went back and measured Lucy's pelvic opening and found it to be 16.5 cm wide.

Using the evidence presented by Researcher #5 as well as the original passage, which statement accurately reflects a point of view this researcher would support?


Lucy is a female, as the infant has the right head size to fit through Lucy’s pelvis.


Lucy is a female, as both Lucy and the infant have a kidney shaped birth canal.


Lucy is a male, as Lucy’s pelvis is too narrow to birth a child.


Lucy is a male, as the infant fossil is male and has an identical, but smaller version, of Lucy’s pelvis.

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