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Which of the following was the most effective bit of anti-Frederick propaganda used on the animals of Animal Farm?


"Snowball was known to be still skulking on Pinchfield Farm."


"The relations between Napoleon and Pilkington, though they were only conducted through Whymper, were now almost friendly."


"Frederick, it was said, intended to bring against them twenty men all armed with guns, and he had already bribed magistrates and police, so that if he could once get hold of the title deeds of Animal Farm they would ask no questions."


"Napoleon appeared in the barn and explained that he had never at any time contemplated selling the pile of timber to Frederick; he considered it beneath his dignity, he said, to have dealings with scoundrels of that description."


"[Frederick] had flogged an old horse to death, he starved his cows, he had killed a dog by throwing it in the furnace, he amused himself in the evenings by making cocks fight with splinters of razor-blade tied to their spurs."

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