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Which character is said to be able to "turn black into white, or to change others' perceptions of reality, and how does he accomplish this?


Squealer does this by choosing words carefully, supplying misinformation, and appealing to both fear and a sense of comraderie


Napoleon does this by using his forceful personality and his terrifying squad of dogs to silence all opposition and convince others to see things his way.


Snowball does this by constantly interfering with the activities of Animal Farm after his own exile, and forcing those left on the farm to question their loyalty to him.


Old Major does this by using the respect the animals hold for him to persuade them that Mr. Jones wasn't their master, but a cruel, heartless and entirely unnecessary human.


Moses does this by spinning stories of Sugarcandy Mountain that make other animals look forward to the next life rather than hope for something better in this one.

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