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In what way(s) might the passage below be said to reveal the greed and corruption of the pigs?

On the day appointed for the banquet, a grocer's van drove up from Willingdon and delivered a large wooden crate at the farmhouse. That night there was the sound of uproarious singing, which was followed by what sounded like a violent quarrel and ended at about eleven o'clock with a tremendous crash of glass. No one stirred in the farmhouse before noon on the following day, and the word went round that from somewhere or other the pigs had acquired the money to buy themselves another case of whisky.


This passage suggests that the pigs sold Boxer to the knacker and used the money from killing their comrade to get drunk.


This passage shows that the pigs are willing to break the Seven Commandments whenever it is convenient for them.


This passage reveals the pigs' inability to govern even themselves as they're too taken by man's vices, such as alcohol.


Choice 'A' and Choice 'C'.


Choice 'A', Choice 'B' and Choice 'C'.

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