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At the beginning of chapter five, how do Snowball and Napoleon each win over supporters? What does this reveal about each character?


Snowball impresses the animals with his ideas, which shows his intelligence; Napoleon persuades animals with Squealer's help, which shows his resourcefulness.


Snowball rallies support between meetings, which shows his interpersonal skills; Napoleon wins animals over to his side through intimidation.


Snowball persuades animals through his speeches, which shows his powerful rhetorical skills; Napoleon convinces animals to support him by reaching out to them between meetings, which illustrates his leadership behind the scenes.


Snowball convinces animals to support him through the use of his committees, which demonstrates his organiztion; Napoleon relies on the sheep to confuse others and gain support, which shows his mastery of propaganda.


Snowball uses bribes like sugar and apples to gain support, which shows that he embraces corruption to get things done; Napoleon talks with each animal one-on-one to gain support, which shows that he is better behind the scenes.

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