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Which of the following is not a way that Mr. Pilkington uses language in the passage below to suggest that he is now on friendly terms towards Napoleon and Animal Farm?

It was a source of great satisfaction to him, he said - and, he was sure, to all others present - to feel that a long period of mistrust and misunderstanding had come to an end. There had been a time - not that he, or any of the present company, had shared such sentiments - but there had been a time when the respected proprietors of Animal Farm had been regarded, he would not say with hostility, but perhaps with a certain measure of misgiving, by their human neighbours. Unfortunate incidents had occured, mistaken ideas had been current.


He uses the passive voice to deflect any hint of animosity away from himself.


He explicitly excludes himself and the other farmers in the room from the group that had been hostile to Animal Farm.


He apologizes for the conflict and bad blood that had previously existed between them.


Choice 'A' and Choice 'B'.


Choice 'A', Choice 'B' and Choice 'C'.

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