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Which of the following best explains how the passage below addresses the power of language?

[Napoleon] did not believe that any of the old suspicions still lingered, but certain changes had been made recently in the routine of the farm which should have the effect of promoting confidence still further. Hitherto the animals on the farm had had a rather foolish custom of addressing one another as "Comrade." This was to be suppressed.


This passage shows that Napoleon can use eloquent language to craft a very persuasive argument.


This passage demonstrates a lack of deliberate language and the problems this can cause for both speaker and listener.


This passage proves that even a single word can unite and inspire people and its absence can do just the opposite.


This passage indicates that language can be used to smooth over differences and bring former enemies together.


This passage serves primarily to advance the plot and offers little of meaning to a discussion about the power of language

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