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Greek plays often use allusions to reference the long and intricate stories of Greek mythology, history, and/or historical people. Remember, the Ancient Greek audience would have been familiar enough with their myths and history that even a brief allusion would suffice to relay a long background story.

Which lines from Episode 4 contain an allusion?


"Reverence asks some reverence in return — but attacks on power never go unchecked, not by the man who holds the reins of power."


"Your life's in ruins, child — I wonder... do you pay for your father's terrible ordeal?"


"Not crowned with glory, crowned with a dirge, you leave for the deep pit of the dead."


"But now, even I'd rebel against the king, I'd break all bounds when I see this —"


"I see Antigone make her way to the bridal vault where all are laid to rest."

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