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In various speeches in the Prologue and Episode 1, Antigone and Creon indicate what they value above all.

Which of the following quotes demonstrate what they hold most dear?

Select ALL that apply.


Creon: Only while she voyages true on her course can we establish friendships, truer than blood itself. Such are my standards. They make our city great. (212-213)


Antigone: I won't insist, no, even if you should have a change of heart, I'd never welcome you in the labor, not with me. So, do as you like, whatever suits you best-- (81-84)


Antigone: I have longer to please the dead than please the living here: in the kingdom down below I'll lie forever. Do as you like, dishonor the laws the gods hold in honor. (88-92)


Creon: My countrymen, the ship of state is safe. The gods who rocked her, after a long, merciless pounding in the storm, have righted her once more. (180-182)


Creon: Never at my hands will the traitor be honored above the patriot. But whoever proves his loyalty to the state: I'll prize that man in death as well as life. (232-235)

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