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Foils are characters that the author contrasts in order to highlight their various character traits.

Which exchange(s) between Antigone and Ismene provide a good example of how they are foils for each other in this play?

Select ALL that apply.


Ismene: Oh Antigone, you're so rash -- I'm so afraid for you!
Antigone: Don't fear for me. Set your own life in order.


Ismene: So fiery -- and it ought to chill your heart.
Antigone: I know I please where I must please the most.


Ismene: Then don't, at least blurt this out to anyone. Keep it a secret. I'll join you in that, I promise.
Antigone: Dear god, shout it from the rooftops. I'll hate you the more for silence -- tell the world!


Ismene: My poor sister, things have some to this, who am I to make or mend them, tell me, what good am I to you?
Antigone: Decide. Will you share the labor, share the work?


Antigone: I thought so. That's why I brought you here, past the gates, so you could hear in private.
Ismene: What's the matter? Trouble, clearly… you sound so dark, so grim.

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