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Which line from Antigone's final lament, which starts at line 978, tells the reader whether or not she regrets burying her brother?


"I, last of them all, the most reviled by far, go down before my destined time's run out."


"Nevertheless I honored you -- the decent will admit it -- well and wisely too."


"And now he leads me off, a captive in his hands, with no part in the bridal-song, the bridal-bed, denied all joy of marriage, raising children -- deserted so by loved ones, struck by fate, I descend alive to the caverns of the dead."


"For this law alone I held you first in honor. For this, Creon, the king, judges me a criminal guilty of dreadful outrage, my dear brother!"


"Never, I tell you, if I had been the mother of children or if my husband died, exposed and rotting--I'd never have taken this ordeal upon myself, never defied our people's will."

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