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Tiresias, an ornithomancer, reads the behavior of birds to divine the future and the will of the gods.

Which of his lines symbolizes the imbalance Creon has created in nature by refusing to bury Polynices?

Select ALL that apply.


"No birds cry out an omen clear and true -- they're gorged with the murdered victim's blood and fat."


"Stubbornness brands you for stupidity -- pride is a crime."


"Oh god, is there a man alive who knows, who actually believes... just how much a sense of judgment, wisdom is the greatest gift we have?"


"Since you've raked me I loose them like an archer in my anger, arrows deadly true. You'll never escape their burning, searing force."


"As I sat on the ancient seat of augury, in the sanctuary where every bird I know will hover at my hands -- suddenly I heard it, a strange voice in the wingbeats, unintelligible, barbaric, a mad scream! Talons flashing, ripping, they were killing each other -- that much I knew -- the murderous fury whirring in those wings made that much clear!"

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