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Aristotle defined the tragic hero as a prosperous, highly respected person whose fatal flaw leads him to ruin. Every tragic hero must experience two things: a self-engineered reversal in fortune and a moment of recognition of error.

Which quotes demonstrate Creon's reversal of fortune?

Select ALL that apply.


MESSENGER: Fortune lifts and Fortune fells the lucky and unlucky every day. No prophet on earth can tell a man his fate.


MESSENGER: Believe me, when a man has squandered his true joys, he's good as dead, I tell you, a living corpse.


MESSENGER: Take Creon: there was a man to rouse your envy once, as I see it.


LEADER: Oh great seer, you saw it all, you brought your word to birth!


MESSENGER: [Creon] saved the realm from enemies; taking power, he alone, the lord of the fatherland, he set us true on course — flourished like a tree with the noble line of sons he bred and reared... and now it's lost, all gone.

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