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Which of Creon's lines characterize him as rash and quick to anger?

Select ALL that apply.


"Good riddance. Rest assured, he'll never save those two young girls from death."


"Now, by heaven, I promise you, you'll pay — taunting, insulting me! Bring her out, that hateful — she'll die now, here, in front of his eyes, beside her groom!"


"No, not her, the one whose hands are clean; you're quite right."


CREON: I owe you a great deal, I swear to that.
TIRESIAS: Then reflect, my son: you are poised once more, on the razor-edge of fate.
CREON: What is it? I shudder to hear you.


TIRESIAS: You are the one who's sick, Creon, sick to death.
CREON: I am in no mood to trade insults with a seer.
TIRESIAS: You have already, calling my prophecies a lie.
CREON:Why not? You and the whole breed of seers are mad for money!

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