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Which of the following lines BEST encapsulate why Creon is so afraid of someone disobeying him?

Select ALL that apply.


"But whoever steps out of line, violates the laws or presumes to hand out orders to his superiors, he'll win no praise from me." (746-748)


"But that man the city places in authority, his orders must be obeyed, large and small, right and wrong." (748-751)


"Show me the man who rules his household well: I'll show you someone fit to rule the state." (739-740)


"...the man who rears a brood of useless children, what has he brought into the world, I ask you? Nothing but trouble for himself, and mockery from his enemies laughing in his face." (719-722)


"Better to fall from power, if fall we must, at the hands of a man -- never be rated inferior to a woman, never." (759-761)

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