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In Episode 3, Haemon uses a tree metaphor to counsel his father.

You've seen trees by a raging winter torrent, how many sway with the flood and salvage every twig, but not the stubborn -- they're ripped out, roots and all. Bend or break.

This metaphor most nearly means that


the citizens of Thebes are like trees caught in the raging torrent of Creon's war with Antigone. Creon should relent and release Antigone to bring peace to Thebes.


Creon's family are the trees caught between him and Antigone. Creon should release Antigone to Haemon to restore peace to his family.


Creon is the stubborn tree. He needs to relent and be flexible or he will find himself torn asunder like a tree in the raging torrent of public and divine outrage.


Creon is the tree that "sway(s) with the flood and salvage(s) every twig..." He needs to be more authoritative or he will lose the respect of the people of Thebes.


Antigone is the stubborn tree caught in the torrent of Creon's anger. Creon needs to relent and be more flexible to teach Antigone a lesson so that neither she, Creon, nor Thebes is "ripped out -- roots and all."

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