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In Episode 3, Haemon makes the following statement about his father: "You've seen trees by a raging winter torrent, how many sway with the flood and salvage every twig, but not the stubborn — they're ripped out, roots and all. Bend or break."

Which of the following lines are a comparable description of Creon's foil, Antigone?


"That's right — so let her cry for mercy, sing her hymns to Zeus who defends all bonds of kindred blood."


"Like father like daughter, passionate, wild... she hasn't learned to bend before adversity."


"And she cried out a sharp, piercing cry, like a bird come back to an empty nest, peering into its bed, and all the babies gone..."


"But once she'd done it — the insolence, twice over — to glory in it, laughing, mocking us to our face with what she'd done."


"...even the bravest will cut and run, once they see Death coming for their lives."

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