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Which lines from the Parados, or entrance chant of the Chorus, state the reason why the Argive army could not conquer Thebes?


"…those blood brothers, one father, one mother -- matched in rage, spears matched for the twin conquest -- clashed and won the common prize of death."


"But now for Victory! Glorious in the morning, joy in her eyes to meet our joy she is winging down to Thebes, our fleets of chariots wheeling in her wake--"


"Zeus hates with a vengeance all bravado, the mighty boasts of men. He watched them coming on in a rising flood, the pride of their golden armor ringing shrill --"


"…launched by the warring claims of Polynices -- like an eagle screaming, winging havoc over the land..."


"He grappled the Dragon none can master -- Thebes -- the clang of our arms like thunder at his back!"

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