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Which line(s) from the Epilogue describes the fate of the tragic hero, a character who gains wisdom from suffering and pain?

Select ALL that apply.


"Too late, too late you see what justice means."


"Clear, damning proof, if it's right to say so -- proof of his own madness, no one else's, no, his own blind wrongs."


"Master, what a hoard of grief you have, and you'll have more. The grief that lies to hand you've brought yourself -- the rest, in the house, you'll see it all too soon."


She stabbed herself at the altar, then her eyes went dark, after she'd raised a cry for the noble fate of Megareus, the hero killed in the first assault, then for Haemon, then with her dying breath she called down torment on your head -- you killed her sons.


No more prayers now. For mortal men there is no escape from the doom we must endure.

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