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According to the Chorus, it is essential to honor both the laws of the gods and the state.

Which of the Chorus' lines from the play BEST encapsulate this idea?


"Man the master, ingenious past all measure, past all dreams, the skills within his grasp -- he forges on, now to destruction now again to greatness."


"And speech and thought, quick as the wind and the mood and mind for law that rules the city -- all these he has taught himself and shelter from the arrow of the frost when there's rough lodging under the cold clear sky and the shafts ashing rain--ready, resourceful man!"


"When he weaves in the laws of the land, and the justice of the gods that binds his oaths together he and his city rise high -- but the city casts out that man who weds himself to inhumanity thanks to reckless daring."


"The power is yours, I suppose, to enforce it with the laws, both for the dead and all of us, the living."


"...the ship of state is safe. The gods who rocked her, after a long, merciless pounding in the storm, have righted her once more."

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