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What is the sentry's motivation for visiting Creon?


"My king, there's nothing you can swear you'll never do -- second thoughts make liars of us all." (429-430)


" she is. Take her...but set me free, it's only right -- I'm rid of this dreadful business once for all." (440-443)


"Soon as we saw we rushed her, closed on the kill like hunters, and she, she didn't flinch." (480-481)


"It's pure joy to escape the worst yourself, it hurts a man to bring down his friends. But all that, I'm afraid, means less to me than my own skin. That's the way I'm made." (486-489)


"I could have sworn I wouldn't hurry back (what with your threats, the buffeting I just took), but a stroke of luck beyond our wildest hopes, what a joy, there's nothing like it." (431-434)

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