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My lord, I can't say I'm winded from running, or set out with any spring in my legs either -- no sir, I was lost in thought, and it made me stop, often, dead in my tracks, wheeling, turning back, and all the time a voice inside me muttering, "Idiot, why? You're going straight to your death." Then muttering, "Stopped again, poor fool? If somebody gets the news to Creon first, what's to save your neck?" And so, mulling it over, on I trudged, dragging my feet, you can make a short road take forever...but at last, look, common sense won out, I'm here, and I'm all yours, and even though I come empty-handed I'll tell my story just the same, because I've come with a good grip on one hope, what will come will come, whatever fate —

What can you infer from the Sentry's opening speech?


The Sentry knows his message will get Antigone executed.


The Sentry is out of shape and had to stop often to catch his breath.


The Sentry knows the Chorus might have him put to death for his message.


The Sentry is worried about the news he brings to Creon, as it could possibly get him into a lot of trouble.


The Sentry believes the gods are behind Polynices' burial, and he fears relaying this frightening news to Creon.

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