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Each Stasimon has a theme. Which lines from Stasimon 4 encapsulate its theme?

Select ALL that apply.


"The power of fate is a dark and terrible wonder — neither wealth nor armies nor towered walls nor ships' black hulls lashed by the salt can save us from that force."


"But even on her, the Fates, the gray everlasting Fates, rode hard my child, my child."


"...and there his rage his terrible flowering rage burst — sobbing, dying away... at last that madman came to know his god —"


"Danae, Danae — even she endured a fate like yours, in all her lovely strength she traded the light of day for the bolted brazen vault — buried within her tomb, her bridal-chamber, wed to the yoke and broken."


"...and their mother doomed to chains, walled off in a tomb of stone — but she traced her own birth back to a proud Athenian line and the high gods..."

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