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The Chorus makes a prophetic statement in Episode 4 while speaking to Antigone:

Your own blind will, your passion has destroyed you. (962)

How could this statement also apply to Creon? Choose the BEST answer.


Creon's fury at Antigone's flagrant disobedience blinds him to the repercussions of executing his niece.


Creon's desire to exercise his authority over everyone blinds him to the damage he is causing his own family.


Creon's refusal to rethink his decrees blinds him to the rebellion in Thebes that will topple his throne.


Creon is blind to Antigone's true reckless nature when he betroths her to Haemon, which puts him in the awkward position of having to execute his son's fiance.


Creon is blind to the dangers of his hubris, which leads to his ultimate punishment: the destruction of his family.

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