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Crotons are a type of plant that has either solid green leaves or variegated yellow-spotted leaves. The variegated form is due to a mutation in the chloroplasts of the plant.

When pollen from a green-leafed croton is used to pollinate a variegated croton, all of the seeds the variegated croton progeny exhibit variegation.

Which of the following is MOST accurate explanation?


Variegation is a dominant trait that masks the appearance of the green-leafed appearance.


Variegation is a sex-linked trait whereby females have two copies of the variegated allele and thus, have a greater chance of passing on this trait to future progeny.


Variegation is inherited maternally through genes in the chloroplasts of the female gamete since the pollen (male gamete) contributes little more than a nucleus to the zygote formed.


The seeds of the plant grow into variegated leaves due to the amount of available sunlight.

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