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A population of humans lives on a fictional isolated island. In this population, 75% of humans have purple hair, which is not found naturally in any other human populations. The purple hair is the result of a single gene locus, for which there are two alleles: purple hair and non-purple​ hair (resulting in one of the typical human hair colors, which are determined by other genes).

Which of the following describes a reason the island population fails to meet Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium requirements for purple hair locus?


Due to the limited resources available on the island, there is no record of the population ever exceeding 50 people.


Neither sex seems to show any mating preference towards hair color, but demonstrating the ability to grill large birds without drying out the breast meat is important to mate selection for both males and females.


New people rarely come to the island, and when they do they are unsuccessful in convincing any of the island natives to mate with them.


The purple hair does not have any impact on survival.

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