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There are four known steps in embryonic stem cell development. Embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated mitotic products within a blastocyst. These cells are described as pluripotent, capable of becoming any cell type for a specific organism, given the right molecular directives for selective gene expression. The stages are defined below, however, are not in the correct order in cell development.

I. Morphogenesis: the formation of the correct shape and placement of cells in tissues within organs of an organism.

II. Growth: the size increase of a cell as a result of cell division and cell enlargement.

III. Determination: established fate of a cell.

IV. Differentiation: the active transformation of developing cells into specialized and committed cell types.

Which of the following is the BEST sequence of events in embryonic stem cell development?


Morphogenesis, Determination, Growth, Differentiation.


Determination, Differentiation, Morphogenesis, Growth.


Growth, Determination, Differentiation, Morphogenesis.


Differentiation, Determination, Growth, Morphogenesis.

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