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Examine the food web below for a freshwater shoreline habitat with an area of 2.5 square kilometers.

Assume that the 121 kilogram/square kilometer of biomass of the vegetation is uniformly distributed throughout the area of the habitat and between the primary consumers in the food web.

A mid-summer drought reduces the total shoreline of the pond by 50%. All the mute swans and geese migrate to a different pond with a larger shoreline.

Which of the following BEST describes the results of these changes after one growth season?

"Chesapeake Waterbird Food Web." Wikimedia Commons, n.d. Web.


The total biomass of the wading birds in the pond with decrease significantly.


The biomass of the bald eagles will be 1 kg, and the biomass of the gulls and terns will be 2 kg.


The biomass of the herbivorous ducks will increase to 5 kg.


The populations of both the osprey and the benthic invertebrates will increase by 75%.

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