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One cold morning in Calculus City, the residents wake to $8\text{ inches}$ of snow on the ground from the night before.

At 7:00 am, the snow starts to fall again at a rate of:

$$ S(t)={ t }^{ 2 }+t$$

...where $t$ is the number of hours past 7:00 am.

Rita Rates is excited by the snow, but must get to work!

At 8:00 am, she starts shoveling at a rate $R(t)$ given by:

$$ R(t)=3{ t }^{ 3 } $$

How much snow is still on the ground after at 9:00 am when she has to leave?

All rates are measured in inches/hour.


$\cfrac { 14 }{ 3 } \text{ inches} $


$\cfrac { 3 }{ 4} \text{ inches}$


$\cfrac { 2 }{ 3 }\text{ inches}$


$\cfrac { 143}{ 12 } \text{ inches}$

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