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The solid line in the reaction profile below shows the overall reaction profile for an uncatalyzed reaction. The dashed line shows a catalyzed profile for the same reaction.

Which of the following reaction mechanisms MOST accurately represents the reaction profile as represented by the dashed line?

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$O_{3(g)} \longrightarrow O_{2(g)} + O_{(g)} \quad$ slow
$O_{3(g)} + O_{(g)} \longrightarrow 2O_{2(g)} \quad$ fast


$ NO_{2(g)} + NO_{2(g)} \longrightarrow NO_{3(g)} + NO_{(g)} \quad$ fast
$ NO_{3(g)} + CO_{(g)} \longrightarrow NO_{2(g)} + CO_{2(g)} \quad$ slow


$ NO_{2(g)} + SO_{2(g)} \longrightarrow NO_{(g)} + SO_{3(g)} \quad$ slow
$2 \ NO_{(g)} + O_{2(g)} \longrightarrow 2 \ NO_{2(g)} \quad \quad \quad \quad$ fast


$ NO_{(g)} + N_2O_{(g)} \longrightarrow N_{2(g)} + NO_{2(g)} \quad$ fast
$2 \ NO_{2(g)} \longrightarrow 2 \ NO_{(g)} + O_{2(g)} \quad \quad \quad \quad$ slow

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