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You are given the following information, where $C$ represents the specific heat capacity of a material.

For ethanol:

$$C = 2.671 \frac { \text{J} }{ \text{g} \cdot \text{ºC} }$$

For water:

$$C = 4.184 \frac { \text{J }}{ \text{g} \cdot \text{ºC} }$$

You have two identical containers; one contains 100.0 g of ethanol, and the other contains 100.0 g of water. Each sample starts at 75.0ºC. The two samples are allowed to cool in air.

Which of the following is a CORRECT statement?


The water will cool to a lower temperature.


The ethanol will cool to a lower temperature.


Both will result in the same temperature, but water will cool first.


Both will result in at the same temperature, but ethanol will cool first.

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