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The formation of the complex ion diamine silver, $Ag(NH_3)_2^+$ occurs by the following reaction:

$$Ag^+_{(aq)} \ + 2 \ NH_{3 (aq)} \rightleftharpoons Ag(NH_3)_2^+ \\\\\\\\\ K_{eq} = 1.7 \times 10^7$$

What is the amount of diamine silver that can be formed with 10.00 g $AgCl$ is mixed with 1.00 L of 0.100 M $NH_3$?

Note: the volume of the silver chloride is negligible and the total volume of the solution can be assumed to be 1.00 L.


0.0500 mol


0.0698 mol


0.100 mol


0.15 mol

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