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$$HON{ H }_{ 2 }(aq)+{ H }_{ 2 }O(l)\rightleftharpoons HON{ H }_{ 3 }^{ + }(aq)+O{ H }^{ – }(aq)$$

Hydroxylamine, $HON{H}_{2}$, reacts with water to produce a basic solution, as shown by the equation above. For hydroxylamine, the value of ${K}_{b}$ is $1\times{10}^{–8}$ at 25ºC.

Which of the following CORRECTLY gives the percent ionization into hydroxlyammonium ions, $HON{H}_{3}^{+}$, and hydroxide ions, ${OH}^{–}$ ions for a 1-molar hydroxylamine solution, at 25ºC?


Slightly less than 50% ionized.


$1\times{10}^{–2} \%$ ionized.


$1\times{10}^{–4} \%$ ionized.


$1\times{10}^{–8} \% $ ionized.

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