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Consider the hypothetical reaction shown by the following balanced equation.

$$2A + B \rightleftarrows C + 2D$$

All species are gases. The value of ${ K }_{ p }$ is 2.0. In a particular reaction mixture, the partial pressures are: ${ P }_{ A }=1.0 \text{ atm}$, ${ P }_{ B }=2.0 \text{ atm}$, ${ P }_{ C }=2.0 \text{ atm}$, and ${ P }_{ D }=1.0 \text{ atm}$.

Which of the following statements is CORRECT concerning this system?


The system is at equilibrium.


The system will shift to the left.


The system will shift to the right.


A value of 2.0 for ${ K }_{ p }$ means that the number of product molecules present at equilibrium will be twice the number of reactant molecules in the system.

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