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Molecular solids generally have low melting points and boiling points, due to relatively weak intermolecular attractions that hold the molecules in their solid form.

Molecular Solid Boiling Point ($^{\circ }$C)
$H_{2}Te$ 0
$H_{2}Se$ -50
$H_{2}S$ -75
$H_{2}O$ 100

$\ $
Which of the following reasons explains why $H_{2}O$ does NOT appear to follow this fact?


$H_{2}O$ is relatively small compared to the other molecules.


$H_{2}O$ is not a molecular solid.


$H_{2}O$ does not have the same type of intermolecular forces as the other molecules.


$H_{2}O$ is ionicly bonded while the others are covalently bonded.

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