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You are asked to test a method that removes all "giraffe" elements from an array list of zoo animals. Without knowing any more about this method, you create the single test scenario below:

["lion", "tiger","zebra", "giraffe", "elephant"]

However, you suspect this single test scenario is inadequate. If you could only pick four more test scenarios from the list below, which would you select?

I.   ["lion", "tiger", "giraffe", "giraffe", "elephant"]
II.  ["giraffe", "tiger", "zebra", "giraffe", "elephant"]
III. ["lion", "tiger", "zebra", "antelope", "giraffe"]
IV.  ["lion", "giraffe", "zebra", "tiger", "elephant"]
V.   ["lion", "tiger", "zebra", "elephant"]

I, II, III, and IV


I, II, III, and V


I, II, IV, and V


I, III, IV, and V


II, III, IV, and V

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